Steps To Make Impressive Gift Boxes By Yourself

Attractive gift boxes are always a requirement for every one of us considering the frequent need of presenting gifts to our loved ones and friends. Since the design of the gift box plays a major role in impressing the giftee, it is always good to be creative and making your own gift box ideas according to the need. It is always convenient for you if you make the gift box by yourself as you can clearly make it in your design by keeping the type of gift being presented and giftee's priorities in mind. For instance, if you need to make candy boxes, you can choose the colors and themes of the boxes according to the candy inside or can put a very colorful theme.

Here, we are going to work on a gift box easily using a single sheet of cardstock or scrapbook paper with a size of 12 × 12. In many ways, making a gift box is an exciting job and sometimes can wipe out a boring hour in your life. The box would measure at 6 x 2½ x 3 inches when completed, and it can be a perfect example of how to make candy boxes, posh biscuit boxes, etc., as it is big enough to hold a sizable number of cookies and candies. The gift boxes can be made within 10 minutes, and by practice, you can perfect it and make some experiments to produce boxes with diverse designs and making style. Apart from the paper, you have to be ready with stickers, bone folder and scoreboard, double sided tape, and scissors.
  • Using the scoreboard and bone folder or any other marking tool and ruler, you have to put lines on the 3rd inch and the 9th inch of the paper.
  • Just flip the paper in 90 degrees and mark additional lines at 1 inch, 3½ inches, 6½ inches, and 9 inches.
  • By keeping the paper upright with 1 inch is at the top of the paper, cut 3rd-inch line and 9th-inch line up to the third line; that is, up to 6½ inches.
  • Similarly, from the bottom of the paper, cut along the 3rd-inch line and 9th-inch line up to the 1st score line from the bottom; that is up to the 9-inch line.
  • Cut and remove the corner tabs horizontally along the 3½ inches score line until the 3-inch line from the left side and until the 9-inch line from the right side. You can find the image illustration of this here.
  • Make a fold along each score line.
  • Hold the sides together using double sided tapes or any paper glue by keeping the smaller tabs on each side go interior.
  • Now, your gift box is ready, and you can either keep the lid of the box tucked inside or can keep it outside and seal it by using any sticker.

Choosing the designs and themes are an important step to make sure that your message is visually communicated to the giftee. If you have some artistic mind, you will find this more creative and well appealing than anything you buy readymade. Try to choose a mix of bright color designs for presenting children; for your colleagues and friends, choose the colors they like; any elders' celebrations can have gift boxes with the plane and light colors with simple but attractive writings.


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